Your manifest.json file tells nuken what your Lookup-compatible GitHub repo is all about! Here's how it should be set up.
"name": "Alley [Lookup Test]",
"description": "This is a description. Isn't this fun? Lookup sure is nifty.",
"version": "v1.1",
"date": "10/31/2022",
"developer": "nuken Dev Team",
"icon": "alley.jpg",
"content_download": "",
"content_type": "theme"
name - The name of your content. What's it called?
description - Your content's description. Keep it short, snappy, and memorable.
version - Feel free to use whatever version numbering style your prefer.
date - Today's date, or whatever date your decide.
developer - Your name goes here. Yeah, that's right. You.
icon - Your content's preview icon. Enter the link to an image online, or a resource in the repository itself. It's up to you.
content_download - This is the .zip file users will download and extract. Again, links can be absolute or relative here.
You can name this .zip archive anything you'd like; however, for nuken to properly recognize it, it needs to end with the following -
  • for Add-ons
  • for Themes
  • for Templates
Here are some examples.
content_type - Now what exactly did you make? Let's see.
nuken will only recognize the following values for content_type -
  • addon
  • theme
  • template
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