Developing add-ons

Developing a nuken Add-on is pretty easy. Upon startup, nuken will scan the content/addons directory for any .js files you may have dropped there. You can use this to run custom scripts or files (like background add-ons) but creating an add-on that's a usable app takes a few more steps.

Pretty much what you're doing here is defining a JS object, and pushing it to the Add-ons Menu via the push_addon function.

var test_addon = {

title: "New Add-on", 

description: 'This is a nuken Add-on. Pretty cool, huh?',

codename: "test_addon", //the name of your object

icon: "image.png", //look for 'image.png' in content/addons

index: 'addon.html', //look for 'addon.html' in content/addons

creator: 'Anonymous',

donate: '',

link: '',

version: 'v1.0', 


width: 1920, //1920 px

height: 1080, //1080 px

resize:true, //this Add-on can be resized

pin: true //this Add-on can be pinned



Required properties

These are most definitely required, we're not messing around. Your content will not function without them. 😐

codename - Set this string to whatever you've called your declared add-on object. For example, set codename to color_picker if you're eventually going to push_addon(color_picker). This just ensures that nuken can create page elements using the name of your add-on object.

index - This is the location of your add-on's interface. It's loaded into an iframe element, which the user can interact with in their workspace. nuken begins looking in the addons/ directory for the .html file you list here, so relative file paths are allowed. If your add-on is not web-based, your .html file can act as a redirect or something.

Optional properties

Feel free to add these if you'd like, no pressure. 😎

Setting some of these properties to false has the same effect as leaving them out entirely; so as a general rule of thumb, if you don't want it, just ignore the property.

title - The name of your add-on.

pin - Whether or not the add-on can be pinned to a user's workspace. If this is set to false, or is omitted from the object entirely, the option to pin your add-on will be unavailable.

icon - The location of your add-on's preview icon. nuken begins looking in the content/addons directory, so relative file paths are allowed here.

description - Tell us about your add-on. This will show up under "Info".

creator - Your name, or whatever you'd like to be called. This appears under "Info".

donate - The link to your addon's donation page. This appears under "Info".

link - A link to your website. This appears under "Info".

online - Set this to true if your Add-on is "always-on"; that is, requires an internet connection. If nuken is offline, your add-on is not displayed in its menu; instead, the default "no connection, check your settings" message is displayed. This is a neat feature if you don't want to worry about the user seeing your add-on in an offline state, having to put more work into your UI design.

version - Your addon's version number. You can number / input your versions however you'd like - this is a string, not a number.

shop_id - If your add-on is listed on the nuken Shop, you'll receive an id for your listing. This information is appended to the "Shop listing" button, taking the user directly to your Shop page.

fullscreen - Sets width and height to the max values allowed by your screen, and resizable to false. If this is set to true, the following options don't matter.

width - Set the width of your addon in its menu, in px units.

height - Set the height of your add-on in its menu, in px units.

resize - If this is set to false, the user will not be able to resize your add-on in its menu.

If you've created the object correctly, you should see your icon in the Add-ons Menu. Clicking on it will open your nuken Add-on.

Make sure you've called push_addon. nuken will not show the add-on in the Add-ons Menu if you only define it!

Feel free to show us what apps or background add-ons you've made for nuken. No matter what you create, we'll take a look at it if you @ us on social media, or submit it via

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