Preview options

Go ahead, take a look!

If you hover over the ▶️ button, you can see a few options. Let's go over them in a bit more detail.


Tired of clicking ▶️ constantly? Enabling this option ties pressing ▶️ to your keystrokes, updating the preview area as you type. Pretty handy for larger projects, where minute detail is key.

This is a setting you can toggle on or off entirely in the Settings Menu, in the Startup Behavior section.


Separate window - This option writes your project to a pop-up window. You have complete control over this pop-up, so drag it around and resize it as you like. However, most inline scripts will not run (this is intentional). This feature is really meant to help you get a feel for your project's performance, which may be on different screen sizes and resolutions.

In-workspace - This option simply hides the code input boxes, and fills your workspace with the preview area. Now you can see your project in a near-fullscreen environment, scripts working and all.

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