Viewing the console

See what's going on under the hood...

Depending on what framework / markup you're using, you may find it helpful to log things to the console via console.log (or other methods). That's why we've included an easy way for you to debug your projects with the project console.

As you can see pictured above, the project console hovers near the bottom of your workspace. Any time a console event fires, your message is written to the pop-up window, and a notification bubble is shown onscreen.

console.log, console.warn, and window.onerror all appear in the project console. You can copy the messages displayed with the click of a button, or view helpful information on Stack Overflow. To help you keep track of message order, the time is displayed alongside each message, in 24-hour format.

The project console is cleared every time you click ▶️ and the preview area is refreshed, so make sure to download any important logs you'd like to save. If you'd like to get rid of a project console message, give it a good ol' double-click. But be warned, deleted console messages cannot be recovered.

Disabling notifications in the Settings Menu will not hide notifications shown in the project console.

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