Project location

Let's get to the "root" of the problem here.

Chances are, when you export your nuken project, you're going to place it in a folder somewhere on your device, alongside other files. This section of the Project Config Menu tells nuken where to look for those files. Instead of having to type out an absolute file path, over and over, you can tell nuken where your project's root directory is once. nuken will then "fill in the blanks", allowing you to use relative file paths in your workspace.

We could go into a crazy amount of detail on the difference between absolute and relative file paths, and why they're important in web development, but we think this is a much better explanation. (Plus, there are code examples to steal 😈)

For example,

We've entered file:///C:/Temp/ into the input box. So now, when we preview our project, we get this.

This image is located at file:///C:/Temp/meme.jpeg. You could type this entire file path into the src attribute instead, but the Config Menu makes this so much easier. Now, nuken knows to look in file:///C:/Temp/ for any files you reference with a relative file path.

In our example here, we used local resources - file:///. However, this works with http:// or https:// as well.

If you're not sure whether a file location exists, you can test for it. nuken will open a pop-up window using your input as the URL, so if the location doesn't exist, the pop-up window will be blank.

For security purposes, this feature will always return a blank pop-up window if your input contains file:///. This is intentional.

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