Startup Behavior

Enable Dark Mode

You can enable dark mode from your workspace, but if you want something a bit more permanent, toggle this option on. Instead of waiting for you to turn on Dark Mode manually (through the menus), nuken will start with Dark Mode already enabled. Helpful if you're working late at night and want something pretty to look at.
This won't override your existing nuken Theme.

Enable Auto-run

Tired of clicking ▶️ constantly? This option locks auto-run in place, keeping it always on for you. If you'd like to turn auto-run off, please toggle this option off and reload nuken.

Mute UI audio

If you're not a fan of our sound design, we don't mind - enable this option to mute the UI audio.
This won't affect the credits theme, because we don't want it to.

Remember my workspace

This option takes what's in the Recovery Menu and automatically loads it into your workspace on startup. It's a helpful feature if you want to get straight to work, right away.
If project recovery is disabled in the Settings Menu, this feature will not work.

Disable nuken Themes

This option disables workspace themes entirely. Instead, the default appearance will load in every time.
If themes are disabled via this feature, the Themes Menu and the Downloaded Content Menu will not display any files, as nuken no longer detects them.