Danger Zone

Please don't send the scientologists after us.

This is the riskier side of the Settings Menu, so be careful. No do-overs, no promises here.

Delete recovered work

If you want to clear the contents of the Recovery Menu without disabling it entirely, the option is here for you.

Any recovered projects that you delete are gone forever.

Delete all nuken Shop content

Exactly what it sounds like. Any files nuken recognizes in the content/ directories will be deleted.

All deleted content is gone forever, however you may have to manually delete certain files.

Delete everything

Just what it sounds like. Everything will be gone. No saved settings, no saved configurations, no recovered work. The next time you open nuken, everything will be gone.

If you notice a setting that's out of whack, or an issue having to do with your localStorage, this might be your only option. Save and export what you want to keep, and use this option to wipe the rest clean.

There's no coming back from this. Once you press that button, all saved data relating to nuken (that isn't an actual file) will be purged.

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