Your workspace

After you've installed our desktop app, it's time to get to work.

Wondering that this is?

This is called your workspace. It's where you'll spend the majority of your time. The input boxes on the left (the ones filled with text) store whatever CSS styling, HTML markup, and JavaScript code you want.

Once you're satisfied with your work, just click the ▶️ button. nuken will build your project in the preview area, allowing you to see the output. Don't like what you see? Go back to the code boxes and press ▶️ again when you're done editing. By constantly updating the preview area, you build up your project - one edit at a time.

That just about covers the basics. It's really simple - just enter your code, press ▶️, check your work. Rinse and repeat.

Keep on reading if you'd like see everything else nuken has to offer. Some of it may be optional, but creativity has to start somewhere. 😎

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