Downloading content

Gotta love those sweet, sweet automatic downloads.

nuken allows you to download and install nuken Shop content automatically. This means you don't have to copy/extract the files to the right directory and hope for the best!

You can still load custom / non-Shop content into nuken, however. Open the Downloadable Content Menu to access nuken's content directories in your default file explorer. You'll see where to extract your content from there.

A brief guide

Alright, so you've found something you like on the nuken Shop. Once you click "Download" you'll get this pop-up. Here, you can decide whether or not you want to go through with this, and where the content is actually coming from.

Once you've allowed nuken to download and install the content, you'll see this screen. Everything's been installed, so relaunch nuken and your content will be available to use.

Make sure nuken has read/write access to whatever directory you're installing content to. By default, nuken is installed to your Documents folder (depending on the user), or distributed as a portable tar.xz archive for this very reason. Otherwise, the installation will fail.

Don't try to work around this by running nuken as root/administrator - running applications like this isn't recommended in general.

For more information on viewing and modifying downloaded content, go check out the Downloaded Content Menu.

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